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Humic acid foliar fertilizer


Fertilizer is essential no matter what crop we are planting. If the supply of fertilizer is insufficient, the plant will lack nutrients, grow poorly, and cause low yields. In the fertilization of crops, many people will apply humic acid fertilizers. Under what circumstances is the best application of humic acid foliar fertilizer? Let's take a look!


Humic acid fertilizer is an organic fertilizer. Natural humic acid is formed by decomposition of plant residues. Dry soil, river mud and buried shallow weathered coal, grass charcoal and lignite are widely found. Containing carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen and other elements, has a certain fertilizer effect, but most of them are difficult to dissolve dry water, if combined with potassium, sodium, ammonium and other substances, dried and ammoniated, it is easy to be absorbed by plants as nutrients.

The humic acid foliar fertilizer is the best in these four cases.

Crop deficiency

Crop deficiency syndrome is more common, and it is also a good time to use humic acid foliar fertilizer. Aiming at the physiological and metabolic conditions affected by the plant, it plays a role in alleviating the deficiency, and the effect is better.

2. Soil problems

Soils planted all year round have more or less soil problems. Common soil problems are salinization, salinization, acid-base imbalance or excessive drought due to weather conditions. At these times, the use of humic acid foliar fertilizer can reduce the proportion of potassium, magnesium and calcium ions and reduce salt damage. It can also improve soil pH, restore root activity, and improve the nutrient absorption capacity of crops, thus preventing premature senescence of plants. At the same time, in the case of drought and phlegm caused by weather conditions, the use of humic acid foliar fertilizer can inhibit transpiration, improve drought resistance, promote root development and restore root activity.


3. Various pests occur

The occurrence of root pests and diseases is very common. Once attacked, the root cause of the crop is affected. While we are doing pest control, if we can use humic acid foliar fertilizer in the medicine, we can play a synergistic effect on pesticides, and at the same time, we can supplement crop nutrition in time. In some crops under adverse conditions, such as high temperature, freezing damage, etc., crops are prone to growth retardation, and even residual strains and dead strains caused by insufficient stress resistance. Under these adverse conditions, spraying humic acid foliar fertilizer can effectively increase crop stress resistance and relieve the effect.

4. Crop physiological weakness

The physiological weakness here is mainly due to the fact that the plant load has a large impact on normal growth, and the partial application of nitrogen fertilizer has caused a long period of time. In this case, foliar application of humic acid foliar fertilizer can replenish the plant, restore the growth of the plant, coordinate the balanced development of nutrient and reproduction of the plant, and is beneficial to the yield and quality of the crop.


The above is an introduction to the application of humic acid foliar fertilizer. It is important to choose the right foliar fertilizer, no matter what crops are planted. In addition to the selection of suitable foliar fertilizers, there are also fertilization types at various stages of fertilization crop growth. Keep it in mind.

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